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LabWorks™ Management System

Reports which make sense of your cents.

LabWorks™ offers a wide variety of reports to benefit the operation and information flow of the system.

All reports can be emailed and exported directly from the system. Some of the exporting formats include: Excel, Word, Text, ODBC...

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Customer Reports

- Customer Activity report by date, will provide a complete listing of all transaction of a customer including orders, invoices, payments, adjustments. A lot of customer inquiries are answered by simply looking at this report.

- Customer listings can be generated based on many different criteria such as: Customer Type, Billing Cycle, Pricing Module, Terms, Membership date and Customer Rating.

- Last Activity Date report can compile a list of the more profitable customers who have not placed an order in specific time period. This report enables the sales and marketing staff to monitor the status of these customers.

- Email broadcasts can be sent to customers based on different criteria. For example it is possible to send a promotional email to every one categorized as 'Wedding Photographers' in a matter of minutes.

- Mailing labels can also be created for targeted categories for direct mail marketing.

Order Reports

- There are a suite of very useful reports to indicate the open jobs in the lab. Jobs can be scheduled and monitored based on these reports very easily. These reports will flag jobs which are running late and thus enhance customer relation and satisfaction.

- Comprehensive queries may be created based on open, ready or picked jobs by one or all customers.

- Job Breakdown by Department not only gives a graphic overview of most active departments in the lab, but also provides a factual indication of how the management should focus their monetary and staffing attention to specific profit centers.

Sales Quotation Report

- This report allows the monitoring of previously quoted jobs. It also provides a good indication of what type of jobs are to be anticipated in near future.

Invoice Reports

- This suite of reports includes a wide range of reports such as Invoice Queries either summarized or by detailed line item, Summary of Invoices by customers, Invoice Breakdown by department and sub-department, and much much more ...

- Trying to improve customer relations, LabWorks™ can create Invoice reports for a client, based on Purchase Order Number, Job Reference, and Budget Code for a specific date range. In this way, your lab is capable of providing helpful information to your commercial customers. Creation of such report takes less than 15 seconds and it can be directly emailed to the client.

Shipping and Delivery Reports

- Pickup / Delivery schedules, Shipping schedules, and Will Call Bin contents.

Accounts Receivable Reports

- Accounting staff can run reports such as: List of Received Payments, Summary and Detailed Aging Report on open accounts, Customer Payment statistics, and Cash Register forced cash adjustments.

Inventory Reports

- Generating barcode labels for inventory items.

- Reports include: List of Inventory Items by Category, Sales by Inventory Items, Low Inventory report, Inventory Adjustments...

LabWorks™ Management Reports

Management reports are designed to provide the management of the lab with crucial information about different aspects of the business.

- Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Performance with regards to the amount and the number of job entries.

- Production employees performance on their productivity within a range of time, whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

- Categorization of jobs by different departments. Verifying of the percentage of ready jobs versus those which still need to be done.

- Categorization of Invoices by departments and sub-departments.

- Revenue categorized by customer type. Management can have an eye on what percentage of the total revenue belongs to photographers, commercial, residential (or any type that you would setup in the system dynamically).

- Revenue categorized by marketing strategies. This report provides the ability on deciding how the advertisements such as Yellow Pages, trade magazines, direct mail or email, etc... are working for you.

- And more..