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ROES Integration
ROES Integration

Express Digital Integration
Express Digital

LabPrints Integration
LabPrints Integration

SimplePhoto Integration
SimplePhoto Integration

Kodak DP2 Integration

LabWorks™ System Modules

Modules for added functionality and 3rd party application integration

LabWorks™ is a fully customized management point-of-sale software solution. Part of that customization comes in the form of modules that provide extensability and flexibility to handle different systems and elements in your workflow. LabWorks™ already comes fully equipped to handle the workflow of most photo imaging labs, yet there may be some functions you specifically need.. or applications you would like to gather data from. Along with the well rounded core of business functions you find in LabWorks™ , our additional modules allow you to customize its operation to more closely fit your needs. Also, as different imaging software and workflows present themselves you're able to adopt new and novel ways of handling your business... without breaking your business.

Screen Shot of New Order window of LabWorks

LabWorks™ Modules harness the power of the systems you use:

WebAccess Module v.2

LabWork's WebAccess enables secured access for your clients to log into the database for:

  • status of open orders
  • invoices
  • latest statement and current balance
  • online ordering
  • and more...

Wholesale Module

This module allows for very fast and efficient entry of wholesale bags in LabWorks™, using barcode technology and a very intuitive process.

Wholesale Order

System allows for memorization of retail pricing and thus it can create labels for client's pricing usage.

The invoice generated for the wholesale customers is different than the retail ones. The wholesale invoice includes a 'Retail Price' column and if desired, it can report the total profit per invoice.

POF (ROES / SimplePhoto) Module

LabWork's POF Module enables direct order input of:

  • ROES Orders
  • SimplePhoto Orders
  • Any standard POF compliant order from your 3rd party system

XML (LabPrints) Module

LabWork's XML Module enables direct order input of:

  • LabPrints Orders
  • Other XML orders compliant with LabPrints' format

DP2 Module

LabWork's DP2 Module enables order creation and pickup from your Kodak DP2 system.

  • Automatic order entry from any LabWorks™ input workflow
  • Automatic order pickup of completed DP2 production jobs
  • Package recombination for hands-free entry and pricing of DP2 orders
  • Creates DP2 orders from any LabWorks™ input stream, including web orders, LabPrints, SimplePhoto and more..
  • Captures DP2 orders from any DP2 input stream.
  • Tracking of DP2 production jobs within LabWorks™

Credit Card Module

LabWork's Credit Card Module enables direct billing to customers' credit cards using:

  • Century Business Solutions (CBS)

Volume Shipping Module

LabWork's Volume Shippping Module provides added shipping functionality and directly connects to your shipping system:

  • StarShip
  • UPS WorldShip
  • FedEx
  • and more..