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ROES Integration
ROES Integration

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Express Digital

LabPrints Integration
LabPrints Integration

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SimplePhoto Integration

Kodak DP2 Integration

LabWorks™ System Modules

LabWorks™ XML Processing Module for LabPrints and more..

The LabWorks™ XML Processing Module enables direct order input of:

  • LabPrints Orders
  • LabWorks™ Web Access XML upload orders
  • Any LabWorks™ or LabPrints XML Compliant order from your 3rd party system.

With direct entry of LabPrints and other order entry systems that create XML order files, LabWorks™ seamlessly integrates your order taking software into one standardized workflow. The primary feature of this system is that you don't need to re-enter your orders into your management system. No more double typing. No more typo mistakes.

Screen Shot of New Order window of LabWorks

LabWorks™ XML module automatically retrieves all the information necessary from the XML order files to create a trackable workorder, flexible tiered pricing, standardized invoicing and more. What better way to manage your LabPrints workflow than with LabWorks™ Lab Management system and our XML processing module!