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ROES Integration
ROES Integration

Express Digital Integration
Express Digital

LabPrints Integration
LabPrints Integration

SimplePhoto Integration
SimplePhoto Integration

Kodak DP2 Integration

LabWorks™ System Modules

LabWorks™ DP2 Module for DP2 Labs

LabWorks™ DP2 Module enables integration with Kodak DP2 software

  • Automatic order entry from any LabWorks™ input workflow
  • Automatic order pickup of completed DP2 production jobs
  • Package recombination for hands-free entry and pricing of DP2 orders
  • Creates DP2 orders from any LabWorks™ input stream, including web orders, LabPrints, SimplePhoto and more..
  • Captures DP2 orders from any DP2 input stream.
  • Tracking of DP2 production jobs within LabWorks
  • Standardized workorder
  • Standardized invoicing
  • Flexible tiered pricing, discounts
  • and more..

The perfect combination of powerful production software with flexible and powerful workflow management. Kodak DP2 production software provides a fantastic framework for managing your production workflow. LabWorks™ and the LabWorks™ DP2 module provide the rest with an excellent system for managing, tracking, invoicing and billing your DP2 production jobs.

Screen Shot of New Order window of LabWorks

No more stress of re-entering your DP2 production jobs into your ordering system. We eliminate the mistakes involved in double-entry; once for production and once for billing. At the same time we recombine DP2 packages from loose order items, back into billable package items, so you can bill your jobs accurately.

Providing a common point of access for your customer service and sales representatives is also a big plus, without the additional expense of a DP2 workstation.