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LabWorks™ System Modules

LabWorks™ Credit Card Processing Module for payment transactions

To provide you with a convenient, fast and cost effective solution, LabWorks is now using the advanced on-line technology offered by Century Business Solutions.

Century Business Solutions

No more terminal rental fees, separate receipts and signature slips, or entering payment amounts in separate systems. The LabWorks™ Credit Card Processing Module handles transactions directly from LabWorks™

LabWorks offers:

  • Keep multiple credit cards on file for every customer
  • Invoicing customers with credit cards on file with a click of a button
  • Charging end-of-the-month balances
  • Swiped and keyed in transactions

Screen Shot of New Order window of LabWorks

Century Business Solutions offers:

  • Reduced costs and increased profit through competitive discount rates and better qualification of processed cards.
  • A business relations manager will be assigned to you as a single point of contact for all credit related questions and issues.
  • Detailed and extensive online reporting