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ROES Integration
ROES Integration

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Express Digital

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LabPrints Integration

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SimplePhoto Integration

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LabWorks™ System Modules

LabWorks™ Volume Shipping Module for high volume workflows and shipping system integration.

LabWorks™ Volume Shipping Module provides added shipping functionality and directly connects to your shipping system:

  • StarShip
  • UPS WorldShip
  • FedEx
  • and more..

Screen Shot of New Order window of LabWorks

With the high-volume lab in mind, the LabWorks™ Volume Shipping Module gives you the added functionality to optimize your shipping workflow. Our intuitive system give you greater control over how items are shipped, and readied for shipping. It also integrates with your 3rd party shipping system to capture exact shipping costs, tracking information, packing slips and shipping confirmation.